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Towel CARE

Обновлено: 27 нояб. 2022 г.

As our Turkish towels are 100% Organic Microcotton, it's necessary to take care of them appropriately.

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Now let me explain Towel care. HOW?...

  • Wash at 80-104 F, apart from clothing or linens, on a gentle cycle;

  • Never use products that claim to whiten, brighten, or disinfect. Interaction with products that contain bleaching agents can discolor or stain your towels irreparably;

  • Do not use liquid fabric softener, as it can cause waxy buildup, which will reduce your towels’ absorbency;

  • Do not tumble dry;

  • Do not iron;

  • After use, air dry your towels by hanging them on hooks or racks;

  • Store clean and dry towels in a cool, dry, well-ventilated space;

  • To keep them looking fluffy, give your towels a shake before folding them.

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