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Why Peshtemal?

Advantages of peshtemal over other types of bath towels:

1. Completely natural composition of the fabric. The cotton material, from which peshtemal is predominantly made, is highly absorbent and dries quickly after use, which, in turn, does not allow bacteria and fungi to develop.

2. Compactness, despite the traditionally large size of the canvas. Due to the thinness of the fabric, the peshtemal takes up little space when folded, plus it has a small weight - only 300-350 grams.

3. Universality. Being very popular, peshtemal is widely used not only in baths and steam rooms but also in spas, massage parlors, on beaches as bedspreads and pareos, and in pools.

Peshtemal is suitable for everyone, it can be used by both women and men.

4. Convenient size. Usually, peshtemal towels are quite large, 35 x 59, which allows you to wrap yourself in this textile if necessary. For this reason, sometimes peshtemal is also called a bath sheet.

5. Practicality. Peshtemal, used as a beach towel, will retain its perfect appearance, because, due to the absence of terrycloth and villi, grains of sand do not remain on it.

6. Original design. The brilliance of the colors adds color to this traditional piece, and the soft fringe looks very original.

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