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Peshtemal - beach towel

Throughout its history, the East has been famous for its pursuit of aesthetics. To the aesthetics of the purity of the soul and body as well. The oriental bath, or hammam, originating from ancient terms, has firmly entered the life of a person, becoming the national tradition of Turkey, Azerbaijan, and other equally colorful Middle Eastern countries.

And in tradition, detailed attention is paid not only to the process itself but also to details. One detail is the peshtemal - a special bath towel, an invariable attribute of the hammam.

The East sacredly honors its traditions. Therefore, the peshtemal is a natural towel decorated with a non-trivial cage and tassels that retains its status as an indispensable accessory for a Turkish bath.

But modernity dictates its own laws, so the demand for peshtemal has long gone beyond Turkey, and a towel (or bath sheet) has found its admirers in almost all countries of the world.

Modern peshtemal differs from classic bath towels primarily in the structure of the weave of the fabric - these are not terry products with a pile. Peshtemal is much thinner than ordinary terry towels, although their quality is not only not inferior to the latter but often surpasses them.

We offer peshtemal towels of Turkish brand "Varol" on Amazon.

The models are presented in a classic design - a plain background with white stripes. The fringe is additionally decorated with soft knots. Size 35 x 59 inches.

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